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Selling Your Condo Lot Guidelines

In an effort to maintain compliance with the Jefferson County Zoning Regulations, The Rubidell Resort Condominium Association is providing this set of guidelines for those interested in selling their condo lot.

  1. You must contact Park Management to alert them that you are selling your lot. Based on Article IX, section 2 of the Declarations of Rubidell Resort Condominium , the Association is allowed first refusal rights to purchase your lot. Please submit a “written notice of intent to sell” to the Park Manager for the Board of Directors to vote on the first refusal rights. Please note: This process can be expedited if necessary.
  2. Lot Lines/stakes must be exosed.
    • If necessary, obtain a survey at owner’s expense. 
    • Lot line disputes must be settled via a written easement agreement prior to the sale transaction.
  3. A copy of all Jefferson County permits must be available to the buyer.
    • Permit records are also available through the Park Manager.
    • Should there be a structure without a Jefferson County permit; the structure MUST be removed prior to the sale.
    • All other Jefferson County and Association violations must be corrected prior to the sale. (Please check with the Park Manager for violations assigned to the lot to be sold.)
  4. All association dues and assessments must be paid prior to the sale.
  5. Jefferson County property taxes must be paid and up to date.
  6. Obtain a copy of the following documents from the Park Manager for the buyer to be fully informed:
    • The contact list for the park management and the board of directors.
    • Rubidell Resort Condominium Association Declarations including amendments.
    • Most recent version of the Rules and Regulations.
    • Most recent version of the Lot Improvement Guidelines.
    • Flood evacuation plan containing the severe weather guidelines.

Once the lot has been deemed compliant, the Association will forward a Letter of Compliance to Jefferson County which will allow the transfer of deed process to take place.

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