Permit Updates

 April 9th, 2014.

Gravel: according to the floodplain ordinance a permit is required for any fill including gravel. The completed zoning permit application shall include data to determine if the proposed development will cause an obstruction to flow or an increase in the regional flood height or discharge according to s. 14:2.1. This may include any of the information noted in z. 14:3.3(1). An engineer, Architect, or Registered Land Surveyor can provide this information.

Permits for structures: No change from last summer: We have yet to hear from DNR regarding any new floodplain campground guidance. Current Floodplain Ordinance 14:2.4 allows only a mobile recreational vehicle on a floodplain campground lot! NO OTHER STRUCTURES ARE PERMITTED! When we receive the DNR guidance, the Jefferson County Zoning Committee will review and determine if any changes will be made to the Floodplain Ordinance.


We welcome you to enjoy our family oriented camping resort. For years River Bend RV Resort has been a hidden diamond in the Midwest for premiere camping and family fun.

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