How to cite a book in an Essay

This essay is going to explore the various formats used in order to cite a book in an academic essay. There are multiple rules that are crucial when the writer is concerned with avoiding plagiarism. The act of referring to the works and statements from other textual sources must be based on the principles of formatting styles such as the APA or MLA, in the process of citation. Citing a book in this essay is based solely on MLA style. There are many citation rules that can be applied by writers like writemyessay from different disciplinary backgrounds. Cited materials and sources need to be identified through a general format that will be clarified in the following paragraphs. Thus, citing the source becomes a fundamental step in the enhancement of the credibility of the paper or book.

As far as the methodology of book referencing is concerned, the basic citation rules consist of different steps and instructions.  For example, when a source is cited for the first time, the most appropriate form is to mention its writer, the title of the book, the publisher, and finally the year of publication. To illustrate, the general method of book citation in an essay is the following:

Author. Title. Title of book, Publisher, Publication Date, Location .pages

Quoting from a book is the most evident form of in-text citation. It is the most used method to substantiate an idea or statement. The act of citing the works of other writers can be facilitated by resorting to what is termed parenthetical citation. In other words, source information such as the author’s name and the title of the works need to be placed in parentheses after quoting or paraphrasing. It is highly recommended that the writer make a correspondence between the source information that is embedded in the text and the entry of the source in the bibliography.

Generally, Modern Language Association style follows the author-page style. To illustrate, the last name of the writer and the page number must be placed in parentheses after the quotation, paraphrase, and summary. Citations are necessary for the readers because they inform them about specific details concerning what is quoted.

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